Moon Wind at Large - Sailing Hither and Yon
by Goldman, Matthew - the Constant Waterman
pub. by Breakaway Books, Halcottsville, NY 2012 -       isbn 978-1-891369-95-7     some sketch illustrations and a few sketch maps by author.     295 p.
A largely autobiographical work, well written. Goldman anthropromorphizes his boat giving it a lively personage. He describes life near and on the water in the Connecticut, Rhode Island, southern edge of Massachusetts, which he considers an almost foreign land, and the end of Long Island, NY.
Most of the book involves day trips. The last few chapters describe a 2 week cruise East to Marthas Vinyard and Block Island. He is holed up for several days while hurricane Florence passes to the east, but close enough to stir up the local weather and make it a virtue to stay in port.
He has a proper epilogue. His web presence is at A very enjoyable read by a sailor and boat-worker who knows how to turn a phrase, and one who walks the walk, as well as talking the talk, but does almost all of it in his own back yard.

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