Lugworm Island Hopping
by Duxbury, Ken
Anthony Mott, Ltd., London 1983 - copyright 1976 (the physical copy I have is from The Cornish Library series Number 18)     isbn 0-907746-19-5
122 p. pen and ink illus. maps, boat name is Lugworm an 18 ft. plywood Drascombe Lugger - - sailing
Duxbury sails and camps along the coast of Cornwaqll in SW UK to the Scilly isles. He also sailed by Padstow. The last half of the book describes sailing in the Outer Hebrides and living on the Isle of Ensay. He tows a dingy he calls Obbe-Wobble which allows him to get to places which would smash his lugger.
Duxbury has written a number of books on dingy sailing and coastal navigation. He did a book on his trip from Greece back to UK, and another of his sailing in the Greek Islands. He is an artist as well as writer.
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