Lugworm Homeward Bound - Greece to England in an Open Dingy
by Duxbury, Ken
Pellham Books, Ltd., London 1975     isbn 0-7207-0774-9
182 p. pen and ink illus. maps, boat name is Lugworm an 18 ft. plywood Drascombe Lugger - - sailing
Duxbury sails and camps in a return passage from Greece to England. The voyage begins on the island of Corfu in Greece, progresses to the southern tip of the heel of the boot of Italy, then follows a coasting course around to the tip of the boot. He jogs across the strait of Messina to Sicily, then back to the mainland and on north visiting Capri, Elba and Genoa. The voyage takes him into France by Marselles and shortly thereafter into the French canal system including the Canal du Midi. Cities on the canal include Carasconne, Toulouse and Bordeaux. Lugworn exits the canal system near Royen and follows the coast to La Truballe where the canal is taken to St. Malo. By this time winter is threatning. He sails the coast to Granville, Garteret and Cherbourg. From there he makes a cold passage across the English Channel to Weymouth. Not satisfied with just getting back to UK, the coasts back to Fowey in Cornwall. In all it is a straight forward telling of the voyage by a person who is also an acomplished artist. His wife accompanies him on the adventure. Duxbury founded a sailing school and was an accomplished dingy sailor long before this voyage was begun.
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