Alone Through the Roaring Forties
by Dumas, Vito - 1900-1965
pub. by Adland Coles, NY 1960       isbn 0-229642012 -     - - 191 p. - map - - illustrated
re-pub by Intantional Marine/Ragged Mountain Pr. 2003       isbn 0-071414304 - - 208 p.
Vito Dumas (born 1900 - died 1965) from Argentina sailed around the world following the Roaring Forties of the Southern Ocean crossing the south Atlantic, southern Indian Ocean and southern Pacific Ocean - the roughest continous body of water on Earth. He did this starting out 27 June 1942, with WWII raging to the north. He sailed to Cape Town S. Africa then on to Wellington, New Zealand and on to Valparaiso, Chile and then around Cape Horn back to the River Plate in Argentina. This was done in Lehig II a 31 foot 6 inch long, 10 foot 10 inch beam double ended ketch which he built in 1934.
He sailed with almost no money and often had substantial financial and supplies acquistion help. Today he would have sponsorship to achieve the same goals. Vito had friends and well-wishers.
The voyage completed, he was not done with sailing. In 1945 he sailed to Havana, Cuba, then looped around the North Atlantic and arrived at Ceara, Brazil.
Then in 1955 he sailed a small (2.5 ton) boat named Sirio from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Bermuda then on to New York. In 1957 he received the Slocum Prize.
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