PT 109 - John F. Kennedy in World War II
by Donovan, Robert J.
- pub. McGraw-Hill, NY, 1961       isbn. none - - LCCN 61-018168
- - (later published in a 40th anniversary edition by International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press; Anv edition (April 23, 2001) 256 pages - - ISBN-13: 978-0071376433 )
An account of John F. Kennedy's naval service in World War II in the Philippian Islands, particularly of the rescue of his crew after his PT boat was destroyed. This was published at the time of JFK being elected president of USA.
The story was made into a motion picture PT 10 by Warner Bros. Pictures, 1963.
Generally it is the story of the heroism demonstrated by men in these little fast torpedo boats. (Note that while fast for their size they were not as fast as either Japanese or American destroyers.)
~ 1962 ~

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