Some Part of Myself
by Dobie, J. Frank
pub. Univ. of Texas Press, Austin, Texas - 1980       isbn 0-292-77558-X - - 292 p. - - index
J. Frank Dobie died in 1964. He had planned to write an autobiography and had written a number of bits which were stored for later use. After his death his wife Bertha McKee Dobie collected and edited this trove of writings and published this book.
This book covers his life from birth in 1888 including ranch family life through his beginning teaching career at the University of Texas in Austin - through the early 1930s. This is the biography of a solid citizen, not much drama here, just the life of one who grew to collect stories, edit and publish them. Lon Tinkle, a friend of Dobies, wrote a more complete biography of J.F. Dobie. An American Original: The Life of J. Frank Dobie (1978) . Both this autobiography and Tinkles biography are good reads.

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