Designer and Client - Eight Boat Design Commissions, from Kayak to Cruiser
by Dias, Antonio
pub. by Wooden Boat Pub., Brooklin, Maine, USA (c) 1998 -       isbn 0-937822-51-5     many diagrams - plan cartoons etc.     149 p.
Boat designer Antonio Dias discusses the development of 8 different boats with special interest in the nature and type of communication between him as designer and the clients who hired him to design these specific boats.
Each of the clients in these cases are very knowledgeable about boats and each has specific requests. As the design develops there is significant interplay as the reality of the design comes into being. There is some discussion on how computer aided design ( CAD ) comes into play and where older more traditional methods are used. Each of the boats in this collection is designed to be built of wood. This is a very interesting book. It would greatly help if one had some pre-knowledge of hull shape terms to understand what is being discussed. The book does not have a glossary.


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