Christ and Antichrist in Prophecy and History
by de Kock, Edwin
pub by author -     Edinburg, Texas, USA   in 2013 with further revisions -    previous editions in 2000 (digital) , 2001 (printed) and 2007 ( digital newly revised)  - isbn (none) - - 423 p.       - References p. 378-419 - - authors other prophetic publications p.420-423.
Mr. de Kock is a Seventh Day Adventist. This book presents the position of the Seventh Day Adventists from the view of the author.
This book has several sections of moderately detailed history. First the period of the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people when Daniel interpreted a dream for Nebuchadrezzar saving the Jewish people. The interpretation of the prophetic Biblical Book of Daniel is introduced and is the greatest influence on the rest of this book.
The time of early Christianity is described in detail, as is the early papacy and how the papacy is not a correct biblical institution... actually how most organized Christianity is not biblically correct. De Kock describes the situation in the late Roman Empire including details of the East/West division and also the various Germanic tribes and how they impacted Rome and Chrisitanity including the fact that many of those tribes were Arian christians (much to the disgust and dismay of Roman Christians.
There are several parts which include more modern history, and a whole added chapter on the European Union, which de Kock believes cannot continure to exist as described in a Biblical prophecy.

After a Preface, Acknowldegements, a list of Abbreviations, and an Introduction, the book is divided into 5 major Parts followed by Two Key Concerns then 2 Apendices. There is a robust section of References for items in the text followed by an annotated list of The Authors Other Prophetic Publications .

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All in all an interesting book. I have never before read a book decrying the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches and most of the mainline Protestant demoninations in a systematic and scholarly manner. The history, especially the early times (in Daniels lifetime) and the early period of Christianity from AD 50 through about Ad 700 is quite interesting, and I am taking the plain historical detail to be correct.
Read if you want to have an appreciation for the background of why the Seventh Day Adventists believe what they do, and perhaps for the historical overview. It should be noted that the author holds no personal animus against those who believe differently, just points out their error. He even asserts that some of the Popes were decent people.
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