Around America - a tour of our magnificent coastline
by Cronkite, Walter
pub. by W.W. Norton & Co., New York, 1993 - 2001     isbn - 0-393-04083-6 - - 211 p. - drawings - maps
A fairly straightforward book by Walter Cronkite, an eminent newsman, and yachtsman. His home water is the East Coast of USA, and it should be no surprise that it gets the most thorough treatment. Some insights are truly delightful. The coast of the Gulf of Mexico is least well covered, but a quick overview is given. The West Coast is covered somewhat less thoroughly than the northern part of the East Coast, but on the whole is done well. As it is a very organized exposition from North to South, covering most of what there is to report on, one can get a fair reading of the whole from the Canadian border on to Mexico. Since much of the Pacific Coast is not very hospitable to yachting compared to the Atlantic Coast the section is shorter. Also the amount of human history available is less... so the stories available are fewer. A good light read.
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