Following the Curve of Time - The Legendary M. Wylie Blanchet
by Converse, Cathy
pub. Touch Wood Editions, Surrey, Brit. Columbia, Canada and Custer, WA, USA, 2008 -       isbn 978-1-894898-68-3 - - 208 p.
Biography of Muriel Wylie Blanchet, also known as Capi, born in Montreal May 2, 1891 - died 1961. She lived on Vancouver Island and for many years spent the summers touring about the Canadian west coast and writing about the area. She did most of this after her husband died and traveled with her children who she homeschooled. The major books she wrote (as Capi Blanchet) are The Curve of Time and The Strangers Next Door . Most of her traveling was in a motorboat named Caprice .
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