Chidiock Tichborne II
by Chiles, Webb
pub online -, 1983 - revised 1984 and again 2007 -       isbn -none- - - 19 p. - - Text web page
Webb Chiles attempted to circumnavigate the Earth in an open boat, the Chidiock Tichborne a Drascombe Lugger. This book is one of 3 which he wrote about the series of voyages. The first book covered his voyage from California, USA to the New Hebrides Islands in the western Pacific.
These 19 pages are the end of Webb Chiles open boat circumnavigation attempt.
He is given another Drascombe Lugger by the manufactorer to finish his trip. After some difficulties he gets it out of its shipping container and into the water, then sails south in the Red Sea to a position near where he landed in Saudi Arabia (but this time nearer the Western shore) then sails back to he Red Sea end of the Suez canal. Afer some difficulty with officaldome he managed to get through. He then sailed across teh Mediterranean to Gibraltar. He heads on to Vilamoura, Portugal then headed out to cross the Atlantic. He had very great weather difficulty near the Canary Islands and after struggling put into the port of Santa Cruz on the island of La Palma. He anchored Chidiock Tichborne II and left to do other business. He returned a week later to find that the boat capsized and although the hull and rig were ok, a locker where he had stored other necessary equipment, such as navigational tools, had been broken into and its contents missing. Webb Chiles had enough. He abandoned the open boat circumnavigation and continued his sailing life on a different boat, one with a deck. He had sailed over 25,000 miles in an open Drascombe Lugger between 12 November 1978 and the middle of November 1983.
Read this short bit to finish the story of the attempt of the first solo open boat circumnavigation. It is a worthy read, and a cautionary tale of how things are in the real world for small boat sailors in foreigh lands.

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