Make Your Own Sails
by Bowker, R.M.(Robert Marshland) and Budd, S.A. (Stanley Arthur)
pub by St. Martins Press, NY, 1957 -       - - LCCN 74-82163 (rev. ed.) - - later edition isbn 0333010507 -- 142p. -- Glossary p.129-140 -- Index p.141-142 illus. photographs
This little book is a great resource for those who wish to make their own sailboat sails. It is written from an English point of view. Most of it describes the making of sails out of cotton cloth. Toward the end it discusses Terelyene, which is British English for what is known as Dacron in USA.
It is a thoroughly practical book, and as of great assistance to me and my father when we made the sails for a sailing catamaran we built.
~ 1964 ~

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