The Curve of Time
by Blanchet, M. Wylie (Muriel Wylie) aka Capi - - 1891-1961
pub. Whitecap Books - Seal Press edition - Vancouver, B.C, Canada, 1993 -       isbn 1-878067-27-3 - - 171 p.
M. Wylie Blanchet was known to her friends as Capi. She lived on Vancouver Island in a house on a property on Curteis Point in the Saanich district, somewhat removed from the nearest town. She motored her small cruiser Caprice in the waters between Vancouver Island and the Canadian mainland with her small children for 12 summers. Caprice was 25 ft. long with a beam of 6.5 feet it was lightly built ( planked with half inch cedar) with a cabin forward and a cockpit aft. The cockpit was covered and had heavy canvas curtains to make it more enclosed for sleeping.
After her husband disappeared /died (probably drowned while swimming alone off the boat) she and the children decided to continue to live on Vancouver Island much to the surprise of her relatives.
In the summer of 1928 she rented her house out for the summer and with her 5 children, Elizabeth aged 15, Frances 13, Joan 12, Peter 9 and David 4 set out for a summer cruising in the waters between Vancouver Island and the Canadian mainland. She continued doing this for 12 years, until World War II restrictions made it impossible to continue. After the war she sold Caprice and in 1953 had another boat Scylla built. This boat was only used for short jaunts and only once was taken to the mainland.
This book is a series of stories of the 12 years of cruising on these very interesting waters.

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