Hills and the Sea
by Belloc, Hilaire (1870-1953)
pub by The Marlboro Press/Northwestern Evanston, Illinois, USA -     1990 - - isbn 0-8101-6009-9     originally published in 1906    - - 220 p.       - - Contents p. vii-viii       Forward p. ix-xiii
This book is a collection of 38 writings. They could be considered short stories. They are descriptions of activities in various places, almost all in France, the Pyranies the mountains between France and Spain, Spain Andorra and UK (England).
Some of these are delightful and are great exercises in the use of the English language. Many are difficult to read and make marginal sense. Most of them would benefit greatly by having a map to locate the place, especially useful for Americans who are not so familiar with the locations, especially as they are described in the stories.
Remember that this was originally published in 1906. This was after the Franco-Prussian War which occured 1870-1871, in which the Prussians (Germany) conquered France, and shortly before World War 1
The Forward is a tour de force stretching the English language describing the author and a friend having adventures.

You need to be in the correct mood to enjoy this book. Some of the parts are delightful,
but if you to read it all at once you will tire of it every now and then.
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