Chimes from a Wooden Bell - A hundred years in the life of a Euro-Armenian family
by Altounyan, Taqui
pub. by I.B. Tauris and Co., London, NY - 1990     isbn 1-85043-239-2 - - 189p.
- - ransome
A biographical work by Taqui Altounyan who was very probably the model for -Titty- in Arthur Ransoms Swallows and Amazons. It also details Armenian life in the Ottomon Empire and later. Some of it describes Aleppo, Syria where her father had a significant medical practice, and the Lake District of England, where her father met and married Dora Collingwood, who was also Arthur Ransomes sweetheart. Ransome remained a family friend of the Altounyans for life. It reveals some of Arthur Ransoms biography that is otherwise unknown to this level of detail. A fascinating book if read with a historical eye.
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