The Craft of Sail
by Adkins, Jan
pub. by Walker, NY 1973       isbn 0802704018 - republished in 1980 with isbn 0802772145,     64 p. total - - index on p. 64.
This is an absolutely delightful book on how to sail.
It is in the format of a hard cover, thin and longer than it is tall childrens book. Jan Adkins is both the author and illustrator. His drawings are rich in detail and portray different sailing rigs, notably lug rigs and sprit rigs as well as the more modern triangular ~bermudan~ sailing rig.
He begins with the theory how sails work and progresses through how sailboats operate on various points of sail (varying directions to the wind.) He also offers advice on dealing with heavier wind and various situations that a sailor might encounter.
Read this book for the pure joy of it... as well as how to improve your technique.
~ 1974 ~

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