The White Savage
by Upfield, Arthur W.
pub. by Crime Club, Doubleday - 1961 LCCN = 61-9563
- 190 p. - a book in the Napoleon (Bony) Bonaparte series of mystery novels
A rapist and murderer, who was a bright child and student - a natural leader - goes bad and finally commits murder. He was the lead among the group of children with whom he grew up. All matured to fine people... except Marvin. He holes up on his parents place at the edge of the Indian Ocean at the western edge of Australia. Bony is sent to find and apprehend him. Bony adopts a fake personna and stays on a neighboring farm. The local aborigine trackers are of the highest quality, and introduce another aboriginal concept - of the Kedic - a man who is inherently evil and to be destroyed. As per Upfields way, there is good description of this new and different part of Australia. The tides, and weather of the seacoast are a major part of this mystery.

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