The Bone is Pointed
by Upfield, Arthur W.
pub. by Angus and Robertson, Sydney - 1938 (first U.S. publication by Doubleday in 1947) isbn (none) LCCN = 47-000921 - modern Scribner edition ISBN: 0684850575
- 288 p. - maps on endpapers - a book in the Napoleon (Bony) Bonaparte series of mystery novels
Upfield tells a fine tale with proper twists. His investigator is a man whose mother was an Australian Aborigine and father was white. He stands out as a very educated person in the Western sense as well as fully educated in his mothers ways. He is very at home camping in the outback, and equally so in polite company drinking tea. This mystery is set in outback Australia and reveals much about the way remote farms exist and work. It also reveals much about Aboriginal ways. This background information gives life to the story and makes it much more interesting.

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