The Lure of the Bush (also pub as The Barrakee Mystery
by Upfield, Arthur W. (1888 - 1964)
re-pub. by Doubleday NY - 1965 isbn (none) LCCN = 65-16189
238 p. - a book in the Napoleon (Bony) Bonaparte series of mystery novels
Perhaps the first of the series - A ranking Aborigine is murdered on a station - The owners support the investigation, but the lady of the house has a secret - a "white boy" is actually a half cast. raised as what he is not. A flood down the Darling River adds spice to the action.
American mystery writer Tony Hillerman got the idea of using native investigators from Arthur Upfield, and gave him credit for putting the idea into Hillermans head for Hillermans series of Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn (Navajo American Indian) mysteries. Both authors works are good reads. Try one - you should enjoy them.

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