Gorky Park
by Smith, Martin Cruz
pub. Random House, 1981 -       isbn 0-394-5748-2 - - 367 p.
This is the first book (mystery) in Martin Cruz Smiths novels which have Arkady Renko as the protagonist. Renko is a homicide investigator in Moscow, Soviet Union. He investigates a triple homicide which is discovered in Gorky Park, which were covered with snow, and had been perpetrated weeks or months previously. He navigates through the investigation often challenging the KGB (which investigates crime involving foreigners, while Renko's job is to investigate cases only involving citizens of the Soviet Union. Many twists and turns throughout. The author did extensive research in the Soviet Union and his depictions of their system of justice are probably fairly accurate.
I read this series out of order, but even so found them to be an engaging read. They do proceed from one to another and probably would make most sense read in order that they were written with this one first, then Polar Star (1989) (The Arkady Renko Series #2) Red Square (1992) (The Arkady Renko Series #3) Havana Bay (1999) (The Arkady Renko Series #4) Wolves Eat Dogs (2004) (The Arkady Renko Series #5) Stalin's Ghost (2007) (The Arkady Renko Series #6) Three Stations (2010) (The Arkady Renko Series #7)

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