Spooky Wisconsin - Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore
by Schlosser, S. E.
pub. by Guiliford, Connecticut, USA (Globe Pequot Press), 2008 -       isbn; 978-0-7627-4562-3     LCCN = 2008008833     Illustrated by Paul Hoffman   -   map of spooky sites on pages viii - ix         207 pages
This is a collection of folklore. Ms. Schlosser collected the tales and presents 25 of them in this book. The stories are divided into 2 groups 1 - Ghost Stories and 2- Powers of Darkness and Light. A few involve the local people before Europeans arrive, but most involve those who came to came to live in Wisconsin. Some involve individual groups, such as Welsh miners and German family immigrants. Others are more general. As a group they are delightful tales, making this book a fun and fast read.
The same author and illustrator have published Spooky books for 12 other states and a regional one for the southwest.

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