Coots in the North and other stories
by Ransome, Arthur - (18841967) - introduced by Hugh Brogan
pub. by Jonathan Cape Ltd, London, UK, 1988       isbn 0-224-02605-4 -- Preface p. 7 - - 144 p. total
This little book consists of a short introduction by Ransome biographer Hugh Brogan followed by a number of what he calls unfinished bits found among Arthur Ransome's papers long after he died. All of them with the exception of Coots in the North are in fact fully formed short stories. They are as literature as good as any short stories I have ever read, and I have read quite a few. They cover a broad range of subject matter, all very readable, some quite thought provoking.

Brogan saved Coots in the North for the final work in this collection as it was the one which is obviously the first little part of a full sized book which Ransome never finished. To make the parts he had flow together Brogan added some explanation where needed to thread the pieces together. After finishing this, one can only wish that Ransome had made time to finish it.
Highly recommended for a fun and thoughtful read.
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