The Source. A Novel
by Michener, James A. (James Albert), 1907-1997
pub. by Random House, NY. 1965     isbn - ( LCCN - 65011255 ) - - 909 p. - maps p.12-14
In his usual style, Michener tells the history of the Israel area from earliest per-history to modern times - well 1965 modern. This includes up to some of the Arab - Israeli conflict.
I had a little trouble reading this book. As usual Michener has a string of stories in various historical times. These are strung together by a historical dig story. I lost patience with the distractions of the string-together story and read all the historical fiction stories (in order) first, skipping over the string-together story. Then after I had finished the individual stories found it interesting enough to read just the string-together story, just for completeness, and enjoyed it too.
It is a fairly standard Michener book and a good read. ~ 1975 ~

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