The Blessing Way
by Hillerman, Tony (Anthony) 1914-2002
pub. by Doubleday, NY 1984      isbn 0-385173571 - photos - 349 p.
This is the first of Hillermans mysteries set in the Navajo Reservation, in the NW corner of New Mexico including parts of the States in the 4 corners area.
Hillerman reveals much of the Navajo way of life in this series of mysteries. This adds much to the stories. Hillerman was given an award by the Navajo tribe for accurately portraying Navajo culture. Jim Chee, a Navajo Tribal policeman is a primary investigator. There are complications of jurisdiction between the Navajo Tribal police, the FBI, the State police of which State they are in, and the US Marshalls service, depending on the exact place of the offense.
~ 1975 ~

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