Song of the Lion
by Hillerman, Anne
pub. by Harper Collins, NY. 2017     isbn - 978-0-06-239190-2 - - 293 pages
This is Anne Hillermans third mystery in the Bernedette Manuelito (Bernie) series. This series follows her fathers Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn mysteries. Those characters continue but in Annes myseries Bernie is the principle.
This story begins with a car bomb explosion in a high school parking lot while a well attended basketball game is going on. Bernie happened to be there at the game and was the first official on site. The owner of the car is a successful lawyer who is Navajo and in his school years was one of the stars of the team. He also was hired to be a mediator between the various stake holders involved with a planned development on Navajo land in the Grand Canyon. As the explosion seemed to be an attempt on his life Chee is assigned bodyguard the attny. Who bombed the car and why? Retired Capt. Leaphorn is asked for advice.
There is better cooperation with the FBI and other law enforcement in this story. The lion appears and does his/her bit.
A very good read. A page turner.
~ 2017-12-31 ~

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