The Adventures of Tintin - Destination Moon
The Adventures of Tintin - Explorers on the Moon
by Herge
pub. by Little Brown, NY. 1976 (orig. 1954 in France pub. by Casterman, Paris)       isbn 0-316-35845-2 and 0-316-35846-0       each book had - - 62 p.
These 2 books actually comprise a single story. It begins with Tintin and Captain Haddock being mysteriously invited by Prof. Calculus to a remote lab and launch facility in Syldavia. In a super secret situation they discover that a rocket is being prepared to voyage to the moon. The rocket in question looks much like the V2 rockets of WWII, and the earliest NASA rockets. The description of the technology involved is truly amazing and Herge must have done his homework to have gotten it so correct in a 1954 publication. There is a shadow group attempting to hijack the rocket in flight and the tension with these people adds to the story. Explorers on the Moon begins shortly after liftoff and tells the story of the landing on the moon, exploration of the Moon, and return to Earth. It should be noted that Herge anticipated carrying a vehicle to the moon to facilitate exploration. All in all a delightful story, more amazing in that much of what it described was in the future, a future that was remarkably prescient

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