The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn
by Herge
pub. by Little Brown, NY. 1974 (orig. 1948 in France pub. by Casterman, Paris)      isbn 0-316-35832-0 - - 62 p.
This is one of a series of world famous childrens books done in comic book style. Tintin is a reporter who solves mysteries. Tintin buys a model boat which is highly sought by 2 others. Secreted in the boat is a note which reveals 1/3 of a clue needed to recover a pirate treasure. Tintins friend Captain Hadock is prominent in this book, as are the humorous police detective Thompson brothers. This book does not really resolve the mystery it is continued in a following book Red Rackhams Treasure which is not available in my local library.

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