The Old Man and the Sea
by Hemingway, Ernest -- 1899 - 1961
pub by Scribner Classics, NY, 1966 (originally 1952) -       isbn 0684830493 - - 96 p. - -
A favorite. Elderly Cuban fisherman sets out, catches a great fish which is so large he can not get it into his boat. He ties it alongside and heads to port. Sharks strip it before he arrives in and he is mostly left with the satisfaction that he caught a huge and valient fish, which he admires.
As with most of Hemingway works, it is written with a minimum of fuss, and with a great punch.
A great story revealing man in nature. Hemingway was a great sport fisherman and his knowledge of the sea and the process of fishing for great fish shows itself. - This is a very good read.
~ 1970 ~

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