by Harrigan, Stephen
pub. by Alfred A. Knopf (Borzoi Book), NY. 1980     isbn - (none) LCCN = 79-21083 - - 260 p. - a first novel for this author, set in Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, Texas
A fairly straight forward first novel which revolves around the capture and training of 2 Atlantic Bottle-nosed dolphin (wrongly sometimes called porpoise). The protagonist, Jeff Dowling, is a native of the area. He is related by friendship to the monied and elderly mover and shaker of the area who decides to add a Dolphin Circus to the attractions in Port Aransas. The primary dolphin trainer is a -hired gun- sort. A love interest develops with a naturalist working on a dissertation on dolphins who is opposed to dolphins being taken from the wild. Tension mounts as a national level dolphin trainer (exploiter?) attempts to buy the animals after they have been trained for the local Dolphin Circus. This novel fairly presents the background of the time and the area, which, for one who visited the area often enough is refreshingly accurate. I can only guess about the accuracy concerning dolphins. Tursiops truncatus. The story starts slowly, but by the time one is one third of the way through the action picks up. It is a worthwhile read.
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