Duncan and Clotilda - an extravaganza with a long digression
by Guareschi, Giovanni, 1908-1968.
pub by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York 1968 - - isbn (none) LCCN = 68-24598 - - 216 p.
The wildest of Guareschi's books which I have read. Duncan is a rather spoiled young man and Clotilda is equally spoiled. They clash. The story twists with a digression to illucidate the biography of the narrator of the story, then the story of Duncan and Clotilda continues. Improbable events are legion. This is a book where styalistically Candide meets Baron von Munchausen. Read it and see if you can keep up with the story. The end is almost OHenry-esque.

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