Fishermans Bend - a Jane Bunker mystery
by Greenlaw, Linda - 1960
pub. by Hyperion, NY. 2008 -       isbn 978-1-4013-2235-9 - 245 pages.
Linda Greenlaw is the captain of her lobsterboat. She also captained a swordfishing boat, and has written non-fiction books on commercial fishing. She has published a previous book of fiction (Slipknot). She has a degree in English from Colby College in Waterville, Maine. She is well prepared to write non-fiction and fiction on fishing and coastal affairs in northeastern USA.
This mystery, a work of fiction, is delighful, well written and an all around - good read -. It develops its plot well, and comes to a reasonable and satisfying conclusion.
The protagonist, Jane Bunker, was born in Maine, but from an early age lived in Florida, grew up around boat people and commercial fishermen. She worked in law enforcement there, grew tired of it and moved to Maine. As an insurance investigator and also county sheriffs deputy she does her job - thinks like a law enforcement and manages living in a very small town. The characterizations of locals rings true. This is a satisfying book.

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