All Fishermen are Liars
by Greenlaw, Linda - 1960
pub. by Hyperion, NY, 2004 -       isbn 1-4013-0070-7     - 228 pages.
This book is a collection of fishermens stories as told in a bar The Dry Dock in Portland, Maine. Actually they were collected over a period of time, with some credit given in the Acknowledgments. The thread through them is Greenlaws attempt to convince her old friend and mentor to slow down his fishing life as his health has deteriorated. He is getting old, has major health issues etc.
Each story has an introductory paragraph or two which she calls a Bar Snack. Often such things as - top ten fishermens lies - fibs and exaggerations of crew members - hiring crew - etc.
The stories are lively and well illustrate the commercial fishing life, and at least one, Greenlaws family life. They are well worth reading. They are a fun read.

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