Treasure of Kahn
by Cussler, Clive with Dirk Cussler
pub. by Penguin Audio - 2006     isbn 0-14-305895-9
- - 14 CD Disks - hours and hours - - fiction
A work of fiction, or should I say fantesy. The tale starts with a flashback from WWII in China, and from that a flashback to the time in the 1200s when the Kahn of China attempted to invade Japan. Then to the present when a NUMA team is aboard a Russian research vessel on Lake Baikal in Siberia. The action travels to Mongolia where much of the action takes place, but Hawaii, the Arabian Gulf, and the coast of China also figure. At its core the story revolves around Mongolian history and modern day oil. The writing is not of as high a quality of a few of the other Cussler novels I have read, or listeded to. More than half of this helped occupy time on a long drive across Texas. This is mind candy. Taken as a whole an overload. It could easily have been edited to half its length and still have been a credible novel.
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