The Canterbury Tales
by Chaucer, Geoffrey - - rendered into modern English by Nevill Coghill
pub. by Penguin Books - England and Baltimore, MD, USA , 1960 -       isbn none - LCCN = 52-031409     528 pages.
Geoffrey Chaucer lived from 1343 to 25 October 1400. He wrote in what is commonly called Middle English which is difficult for modern (post 1900) people to read. Nevill Coghill (professor of English Literature at Oxford) has rendered the Canterbury Tales into modern English with notes at the back explaining some things which need to be revealed to modern people so that they might better understand the tales. There are a few words not so explained that are worthy of looking up. For instance the word pelf is an ancient word meaning wealth., as in the aggregate that a person has.
The listing below is of chapter headings in Coghills version. It should be noted that the arrangement of the stories in The Canterbury Tales is not universally the same from one modern publication to another. It should also be known that the book as we know it was not totally finished within Chauders lifetime. It was the authors intent to publish as a whole, but he died before the work was completed to publication.


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