Salvage for the Saint
by Charteris, Leslie - Peter Blossom and John Kruse (actual collaborative authors)
pub. by Crime Club - Doubleday, Garden City, NY - 1983 -       isbn; 0- none shown - LCN 83-5233     181 p.
Another book written by two writers Peter Blossom and John Kruse in collaboration with Leslie Charteris. This one starts out with a powerboat race off the Isle of Wight in England, on the English Channel. A boat suspiciously explodes and burns. The widow of the boat owner had asked for help from Simon Templar. On the case he follows the widow across France in search of a large yacht which her husband owned and which he (the husband) had never mentioned to his wife. Adventures ensue. The large motor yacht is found. A hunt for a treasure in gold bars that the husband stole is sought. Complicating matters are the husbands partners in crime who, unlike the husband were caught and did jail time. The husband had managed to escape. The partners are ruthless in their efforts to get their share (all of) the gold. Through several plot twists and police intervention the story comes to a satisfactory conclusion, at least for The Saint and the widow.

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