The Teachings of Don Juan - a Yaqui Way of Knowledge
by Castanada, Carlos
pub. by Pocket Books, NY. 1974       ISBN 0671827677 - - (first edition was in 1968)
This book was written by Carlos Castanada and was presented as the result of study with a Yaqui shaman. It covered a lot of American Indian (Native American) mythology and magical practice, including the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms etc. It was quite believable and in most cases accurate. However, several years after its publication, and publication of subsequent books, it was revealed to be in essence a work of fiction. The Yaqui medicine man was fictious. The anthropoligocal work was born of general understanding rather than actual contact with a specific shaman.
It is nonetheless an interesting book, and a good read, as long as one understands that it is a derivitive work.
The works are still popular and still in print. Castanada died rather mysteriously in 1998 in California.

Other books in his series are -
A Separate Reality: Further Conversations With Don Juan, Simon & Schuster, 1971.
Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan, Simon & Schuster, 1972.
Tales of Power, Simon & Schuster, 1974.

I honestly do not remember how many of these I read.
~ 1975- ~

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