The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage - (The first adventure of the five finder-outers and Buster their dog)
by Blyton, Enid
pub. by Armada (a division of Collins), London, England, 1988 -   - first published in 1943 -  some black and white line drawings   -       isbn 0-00-693194-4   -   126 pages
Some years a go a childrens librarian recommended that read some of Enid Blytons works to round out my understanding of childrens literature. Finally I got around to it.
This series of mysteries is somewhat like the American Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mysteries, but of course Enid Blyton writes from an English countryside and experience background.
A cottage which is used as an office by a wealthy neighbor burns down setting up the story. The children include a newcomer to their group, offering some interesting tension. They discover and interview 4 different suspects, and get a bit underfoot to the local policeman. There is a twist at the end sufficient to give the story extra interest.
All-in-all a comfortable read.

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