The Burgler in the Library
by Block, Lawrence
pub. Dutton, NY, 1997     isbn 0-525-94301-3
342 pages.
This is a mystery novel. It is part of a series by the author where the investigator is Bernie Rhodenabarr. It is set in contemporary time (1997). It involves a New York bookstore owner and professional burgler (Bernie) and his friend who ownes a dog grooming studio having a late winter vacation in upstate New York State. They are looking for an elaborately signed book dedicated from one classic mystery writer to another. What they stumble into is a multiple murder while isolated in a small specialty hotel, snowed in, with the telephone line cut.
It is an enjoyable tale, well written by an Edgar Award winning author. The setup takes up a fair amount of the narrative and it is worth it. The solution comes fairly rapidly after the action sequence, and is followed by a further denoument fleshing out the satisfying end.
This story involves references to other historic authors of the mystery genure. It is a pleasant read. lightweight by satisfying.
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