Port Aransas, Texas plyWooden Boat Fest 2015

16-18 October 2015

Family Boat Building

official website - www.portaransasplywoodenboatfestival.org

This event was created by Duckworks and the Farley Boat Works (part of the Port Aransas Museum)
The Texas chapter of the TSCA Traditional Small Craft Association was also involved

What a finished boat (a QT skiff) should look like.

There were 2 styles offered, one a regular skiff,

the QT skiff designed by Jim Michalak.
This boat has the chine strake on the outside of the hull.
The Quick Canoe Electric designed by Michael Storer,
A more narrow canoe-like design.
This boat has the chine strake set inside the hull.

The parts - stringers, bulkheads, front tiny deck, transom etc.
These parts were pre-cut.

Joining the sides at the stem.
Stem = the ticker board where the sides attach at the front pointy end of the boat.

Bending sides to shape after they are connected to the stem.

Frames/bulkheads in place, Transom (back end) attached,
outside Chine (strake where bottom meets side) attached.
Gunwale (strake which reinforces the top edge of the sides) attached.
Ready to apply the bottom to a QT skiff

Bottom on a Quick Canoe Electric

It takes a lot of clamps to attach the gunwale

Clamping on the gunwale to hold it steady while the epoxy glue cures.

Right side up - attaching front deck

Right side up - attaching brace - looking forward
This is the more narrow design, the Quick Canoe Electric

Right side up - attaching brace - looking aft

Note this boat has a riser to accomodate the support of a thwart (seat) at several locations
This is the broader skiff design, the QT skiff designed by Jim Michalak.

Above, the more narrow of the two boat build options,
the Quick Canoe Electric
This is a more narrow boat, like a square stern canoe design.

Above the wider stern rowboat skiff the the QT Skiff build.
Note that the gunwales (top strake) and the chines (where bottom attaches to the sides) extend beyond the transom.
(An extention cord is hanging from one of the extended gunwales.)
They will be trimmed off flush with the transom. This boat is almost done.

Bottom on and skids on bottom also attached

A QT skiff bottom on and trimmed

The Quick Canoe Electric
Duck tape assists the wire ties which hold it together until the epoxy glue hardens.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Launching ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Unloading from truck - a QT Skiff



Some paddling in the Quick Canoe Electric

Haul out

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