a Tahiti ketch, built in 1940 from John Hanna's plans.

I owned this boat from October 1973 through May 1978. It was a wonderful learning experience.
She sailed like a true lady, never giving sharp movements, always progessing with style and grace.
At various times while I owned her she was home-ported in Galveston, Port Mansfield, and Ingleside, Texas.
The Takuan was 31 feet long (stem to sternpost) and was about 9 tons gross. She drew 4 feet.
She was built in the Pacific Northwest, launched in 1941.
Her scantlings were massive, with a solid oak keel and stem, and oak frames 2 and 1/8 by 2 and 1/8 inches on 12 inch centers.
She was fir planked.
Her spars were all solid wood, probably spruce or fir.
For auxiliary power she had a 4 cylinder Universal Marine gasoline engine (the predecessor of the Atomic 4).

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