a few odd links - boat stuff

Large sites of links etc.

Mother of all Maritime Links by John Kohnen.

the Cheap Pages by Craig O'Donnell. Has several whole books on small boating, information on Junks, canoes, proas etc.

DIY wood boat UK

Dinghy Cruising Association in UK (England etc.)

Traditional Small Craft Association Chapters page

Boatbuilding .com boat plans lists.

Duckworks Magazine and boatbuilding supply.

Duckworks Magazine by direct IP address works when DNS is scrambled

Duckworks boatbuilding supply by direct IP address works when DNS is scrambled

Clark Craft wooden Boat Plans
Many of the plans are from a variety of designers, well known in the field
The general Clark Craft website offers much more than plans.

Atkin design boat plans a wide variety with many old favorites.

Phil Bolger designs

SmallBoats .com in Connecticut - USA

Hannu Boatyard a great place for experimental small plywood boats. - several one-sheet models.

MicroCruising Matt Leyden designs and others

Tide Tables for almost anywhere.

Sunrise-set - - Moonrise-set US Navy website

moonshinepublications.co.uk supplier for the book Practical Dingy Cruiser

Texas and local sites
Sailing Texas includes some interesting -how to do- information

Maps sites
texmaps .com beautiful aerial photos of the Texas coast.

Topo McAllen area from MapTech

Maptech - Port Isabel, TX

Maptech Maps base place

Maptech - Corpus Christi - Ingleside TX

TopoZone Maps index with links to sections of topographic maps.

Out of area sites
PD Racers - the mother site

Summerland Puddle Ducks

PD Racer world championship 2006 by Andrew Linn

Willamet Area Duck Racers - WADeRs Eugene - Portland, Oregon, USA area

Coots sailing racing organization another Pacific NW USA club.

links off Potter website.

Small Boat Club Brit group 2010

Outrigger Canoe Sailing in New Zealand spring 2004 Trip Log, Photos, and Digressions by Tim Anderson. - 14 web pages of very interesting narrative and pictures.

Folding Kayaks - The High Coast of Sweden. beautiful pics by Tord Eriksson.

Columbus Foundation - builders of the Sarsfield Nina the most interesting Columbus fleet boat ever built.

Working Sail boatbuilders in England. -We build our vessels in a traditional boatyard in the small village of Gweek which lies at the top of the beautiful Helford river in Cornwall, Southwest England.-

Building Ezra a 44 ft. long pilot cutter being built by Working Sail.

Ireland - canals includes maps and descriptions.

Fameous Small Boats .com

Kodiak Outback an interesting place selling inflatable boats, tents, camping gear etc. Headquartered in Minnesota, USA - fair prices.

Marine Trafic MAP Pt A - - MAPS Google - - mytopo - - USGS Topo maps - - Naut Charts
Bing Translator - - - Duck Duck Go

Misc. links

Archive .org the WayBack machine which remembers and archives Internet pages.

Camp Perry Texas Scouting website.

Wooden Boat definition and technical aspects on building one with comments on finishing and wood maintenance

Building Plywood Snowshoes

The Cornell Univ. MacCaulay Library of bird and animal sounds presented by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. - an incredible effort... turn on your speakers.

Time and Date website good calendar creation website

Snopes internet Urban Legend debunker

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