Nazare, Portugal - boat for fishing from the beach

This looks much like boats used by the Phonecians a couple of millennia ago..

an accurate model of a fishing boat from Nazare, Portugal
acquired in that fishing village in 1955.

Note how the oars are connected to the boat.
The oar has a triangular piece of wood seized to the oar.
That piece of wood has a hole in it which fits over
a thole pin mounted on the gunwale.
This fixes the oar so it can not be lost or moved in or out or feathered.
A good way to deal with the oars when fishing activity might cause one to turn loose of the oar to attend to fishing activities
It is also a good way to fasten an oar to a boat when the person rowing is totally new to rowing and need not be distracted with movement of the oar.
It also does not need the oar to have a hole drilled through it, as they are when pinned in an oarlock.
Drilling a hole for the pin weakens the oar at a critical area. The wedge system does not weaken the oar.


making a simple oar from a 2x4

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