Accomodations in Indianola and Magnolia Beach, Texas

Indian Point Motel

A good place to stay in Indianola
1401 N. Ocean Dr.
Port Lavaca, TX 77979

~ Do not be fooled by the Port Lavaca mailing address.
I expect that it is a postal service technicality as
the town of Indianola blew away in some hurricanes many years ago - long before there were any zip codes. ~

Ocean Drive follows the southern edge of Lavaca Bay / Matagorda Bay
phone 361     551-2161

This is a family owned business, cheerfully run.
It is very clean and has all the amenities of home.
Bed - - Bath - - Kitchen

- - -

Indianola, Texas is about 10 miles miles southeast of Port Lavaca, Texas.

information as of June 2009

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